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The specialized center in Fetal Maternal Medicine and Gynaecology topics

Fetal Maternal Medicine Center was created to provide all modern services in the field of Fetal-Maternal Medicine, Prenatal Screening and Gynecology. It is staffed with specialized and highly trained staff – which carries certifications from international institutions of abroad – and equipped with the most advanced equipment in machinery and software. Dr. Maria Agathokleous is one among only nine specialized doctors in fetal-maternal medicine in Cyprus.

The latest developments in Fetal-Maternal medicine, with key tool the ultrasound have contributed to the early detection of most pregnancy issues and their proper remedy. Consequently it constitutes an important yet hard test which requires precision at every stage. For this reason, it should be performed by a specialized doctor who is properly trained.

In our center tests are carried out using innovative techniques.


The center is one of the few fetomaternal medicine centers in Cyprus. Dr. Agathokleous is one among only nine graduates in Cyprus, which is recognized by the International Fetomaternal medicine institution, the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

The focal point of the Fetal Medicine Centre is woman. For this reason we provide comprehensive care to all female patients, with a range of gynecological examinations that correspond to the latest achievements in gynecological medicine.