Fetal Maternal Medicine Center has been established with the aim to provide all modern services in the field of Fetal-Maternal Medicine, Prenatal Screening and Gynecology.

It is staffed with specialized and highly trained personnel – which carry certifications from international institutions of abroad – and equipped with the most advanced equipment in machinery and software.

A wide range of gynecological tests can be carried out in our Center, by specialized doctors who are properly trained, using innovative techniques and making sure that our patients receive the best care in our fully equipped and technologically highly-qualified examination rooms.

We try to ensure that you are seen at your appointment time, but occasionally there are times of delay which are beyond our control. However, we have created a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere at our waiting area for patients or for any visitors during the anticipation.

We always strive to provide high quality and safe services to ensure that all our services are compliant to our duties for privacy and equality and off course your safety.